Lokita Naky

A bit of a polymath, a bit of a multidisciplinary artist, I like creating stories and worlds and such. I have a very active imagination, and I get excited about anything and everything science-related. I'm also a big fan of fantasy/magic stories.
I'm the main writer and artist of Les Bizarres.

Lord Narkissos

If only there were enough mirrors in this universe for him. Lord Narkissos enjoys the simple things in life, such as: examining his reflection all day long, taking a satisfying dump, and writing. He is the youngest in the Bizarre team and also happens to be Lokita Naky's younger brother.

Lady Dyal

I consider myself an aspiring writer, musician and 3D artist. I have many ideas and I want to express them in as many forms as possible. I love anime and manga, pastel goth aesthetic and i have an affinity for cute-gore.
I'm a beta reader and I also work on the backgrounds of Les Bizarres.

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