The planet: Edjunariu

Realistic planet Edjunariu
Here you can see a picture of the planet without any of it’s “man-made” structures.

Edjunariu is the fourth planet of their star system, which has at its centre a white star the size of Sirius named Behe. The planet itself is around the same size as Neptune.  Edjunariu’s atmosphere is composed mainly of Helium, Oxygen and chlorine. If humans were to breathe on Edjunariu, the chlorine concentration in the air would be fatal. That’s assuming they’d survive the crushing gravity long enough to take a single breath.

Edjunariu is a beautiful planet surrounded by two moons and a beautiful set of rings. The sky is a light jade colour, and the seas and oceans are a deep, yet vibrant green. As you climb towards the poles, the water takes on a slightly yellowish tint. The vegetation is a mix of vibrant purples and blues of every shade, while the earth plays between deep reds and violets.

If the “man-made” structures were to be added to the picture, you could see complex cities rising all the way into orbit. Both moons would have networks of city-like supercomputers running along their surface, and there would be more than a few complex stations orbiting the planet.

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