Edjuna is an artificial, universal, simplified language, engineered from the 3 most spoken languages and using many words from early dialects. Because of this, a lot of biological, medical or anatomy words are mainly sounds or noises (onomatopoeia) related to whatever it is describing, and the language itself tends to use short, primitive words and very straight forward sentence structures. A lot of the more modern aspects came from the spread of written communication through technology and relates mostly to the verbalization of emotions.



Name of the planet on which the Gaoum live/originate from. Their world.



Inhabitants of the planet Edjunariu. Living organisms native from the planet.

Gaum Nama

gaum naɱa

This is the equivalent of “Homo sapiens” describing the “human” race of the Edjunariu planet. They usually use the word Gaoum only the same way we use the word human. The word Gaoum refers to the species they are a part of, and Nama is used to further narrow down the sub species they belong to, and has more or less the same meaning as “sapient” but translates literally to “rational”.



This word is used for the human species, but takes its roots from the word “paec” which means alike and “lato” which means smart. When the Gaoum first discovered Earth and found those funny little animals that looked a lot like themselves, physically, they called them “paec-Gaum”. It was later officially changed to “Paeclato”, although “Paeshnama” had also been considered, it was “Paeclato” that really stuck.



Life form modified genetically for medical or experimental purpose.



Life forms in their original, unmodified states. Is generally used in contrast to koixi when speaking about Earthling humans.

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