Les Bizarres - 01 002

posted 13th Aug 2021, 12:00 AM

Les Bizarres - 01 002

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17th Aug 2020, 11:11 PM

Lokita Naky


Because of hosting problems, we'll be moving the comic here.
I'll be uploading the pages soon, but there is a lot going on lately, so bear with me.


We thrive to find new life in the infinity of space, but what if it found us first. Are we to assume these highly intelligent, space-faring creatures are as cruel and heartless as we are?

Aliens from a distant star system, happened to stumble across our little planet a while back. They are technologically and culturally more advanced than we are. When they first come across our little planet, they notice little creatures that look a lot like them, and even seem to show signs of intelligence… sometimes. They’ve met loads of intelligent creature on various planet (even their own), but none that looked so strikingly like themselves.

This comic is a critique of humanity, observations about our societies and complaints about our behaviour. All of this seen from the perspective of outsiders with a slightly different outlook on life.


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